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My lifestyle blog
My lifestyle blog
From 2015 - 2018 I created my blog website and continuously posted weekly content consisting of Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle content, accumulating over 500k+ global readers. Gaining income through Google Adsense, affiliate links and sponsorships from direct consumer brands, I gradually improved the look of my website through my skills in HTML and CSS. In addition, I purchased a custom URL to increase the traffic to the site further.
I created this website ( as a way to showcase the works I have created that make up my e-portfolio, using WebFlow, HTML and CSS I designed and created every aspect of this website. For academic projects, I created both websites using HTML and CSS. The pink website was the first website I made in 2018, and the blue website I made in 2019 was awarded a Communication Products I SACE Merit. I created the brand and its E-Commerce website dedicated to purchasing Adobe Lightroom presets and educating its customers on Adobe Lightroom. I also took the website's photos using a DSLR camera and edited them in Adobe Lightroom.
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Taking a black-and-white photography course, I focused on producing film noir-style film photographs. I used a Pentax 35MM SLR camera as well as a Holga 120N. I took and developed my photographs and also scanned the negatives to get the photographs digitally.
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All artwork was produced in 2019; I produced digital artwork using Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. I created the canvas art piece by doing an acrylic pour and applying resin on top of it to give it a finished gloss. I also made a macrame mirror which I learnt how to make macrame through another art project I did in year 12.
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Academic projects from a 3D animated course I did in 2020. I created a boat 11 frame GIF using Adobe Photoshop for the first project. For the second project, I had to visually generate and express convincing mouth movements synchronised with a sound of my choice which I designed and animated in Adobe Photoshop. For the final project, I created the chip packet animation, a looped animation. I designed the character, background, sub-character and every frame in Adobe Photoshop and animated it in Adobe Premiere Pro.
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Video form Social Media
I was a Social Media Manager in 2021 for a Melbourne-based podcast called 'The Mind Behind It' by Humane Productions. In Adelaide, I produced engaging and entertaining videos edited and manually subtitled from 30-minute+ podcast videos whilst applying Humane Productions branding throughout for consistency. Establishing an optimal posting schedule from the account's analytics, I posted the edited videos to TikTok and Instagram (reels/ stories) daily for optimal growth of the brand and its mental availability. Growing their Instagram and TikTok accounts through SEO and hashtags to further optimise the account's growth.
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