a sky image with bingo death text on it
Bingo Death Short Film
2022 • Unit Still Photography + Graphics + Publicity (Social Media) + Actor
Bingo Death was an academic project in which I was in charge of the unit still photography, ensuring I got all of the behind-the-scenes content and publicity content. I was also in charge of the Instagram page; I made a Social Media plan which consisted of promotional photos and graphics, Instagram reels, and a prototype for a game based on the film, which revealed the trailer and the film's release date. I also produced the film's poster from the photos I took, a media kit and a film proposal document for if the short film were to try to be on any broadcasting channel.
bingo death poster of god character in the sky
proposal front page of god in the skyan arrow pointing rightan arrow pointing left
Media kit
god writing on the whiteboardan arrow pointing leftan arrow pointing right
Promotional website game play prototype
Bingo Death Instagram (click to account to view reels)
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